Tiempo lets you find and pay for parking in seconds right from your phone.

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Tiempo is accessible to anyone with a mobile device

Find a parking garage fast

Running late for class? Tiempo is here to help! With Tiempo you can find where the closest parking garage to campus is at and park just in time for class.

Free to use

Download Tiempo for free! If you would like to unlock the extra perks it's only a one time payment of $5.

Quick and Simple

With frequent use, Tiempo saves your most frequently visited parking garages to make finding a spot quick.

Avoid being fined

With Tiempo you're able to check, pay, and extend your time all in one place!

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Tiempo is an app created to relieve students and visitors from their stress of worrying where to park on campus. It's out with the old and in with the new! Our app is available on any mobile device, download now to get started!

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Hello, my name is Jamazeya Taylor. I am a student at Texas State University getting my Bachelors of Science in Digital Media Innovations with a minor in art. A constant problem I've had driving to campus was finding a parking spot or losing my ticket and having to pay fines for being late to the payment machine that was located on the other side of school.

I came up with the concept to create a app that could resolve all of these problem for everyone who faces this as well. That's why I created Tiempo, an app that makes it easy to find a parking garage with available parking spots, check your time, checkout remotely, and extend your time if you need to. This will eliminate petty fines, stress, and paper tickets. There's so much that students already stress about, parking and parking fines shouldn't be one.

* Disclaimer* Tiempo is a protype app created for educational purposes for my DMI CAP class. It is not a real app that can be found in the market.

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